Chasing Wanderlust

Hello, I'm Stacey. I love to travel. My favorite trips so far are Japan and Paris. I also enjoy hiking and exploring around my home, San Francisco. This blog chronicles these adventures. Follow along on Tumblr or via RSS.

Mori Point

2.5 miles, 2:03:19. Lots of fun steep bits that involved crouching down onto my knees and guiding myself back up with my hands and losing my Fitbit along the way. Then later discovering the part we actually could have gone up if we’d waited a bit more and worried a bit less about being separated from the others. But I’m feeling much more prepared for The Rockies now ^_^.


Fort Funston Again

A sandy adventure for Skye’s first trip to the beach. Someone had their 6 macaws flying free :O


Bay Bridge Lights Test

Last night’s test run of The Bay Lights project. So pretty.

2012 Travels

24,972 miles of air travel this year. Plus some train miles I don’t know how to calculate. Hope next year is also full of adventures.

Travel: San DiegoTijuana*, Japan*, Vegas, Portland, England, Wales*

Local Hikes: Mt. Davidson*, Sweeney Ridge*, Sweeney Ridge again, Muir Beach*, Angel Island

(*first time)


Disaster Designs - Bon Voyage

Super cute travel-themed mini satchel purse I got for Christmas. I love all the little details, especially the stamp and map paper plane on the back.


Mermaid Series 5K

My second 5K and first timed race. 34:25:052. I placed 316/892 finishers and 50/112 in my age group. Not as bad as I thought (in the last couple of months, I’ve been running slower and getting tired faster) but also not as well as I’d hoped (at 8:10, I ran my fastest mile two days before the race).

But I did still feel that sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line and I got a nifty finisher’s necklace.


Welsh Countryside

Day 1, Llandudno: A walk down the gray and dreary seaside lead us into the arcade, where we passed some time on various games and I discovered a DDR machine but it only had Easy and Uber Easy modes. Then we took the last tram up to to the Great Orme and spotted sheep. Lots of sheep! I tried to pet one to see if their coats were as soft as they looked, but I couldn’t catch any.

Day 2, Deganwy: We attended a wedding at the Quay Hotel, with the mountains and Conwy Castle as a gorgeous backdrop, especially when it lit up at night.

[More (and better) photos from Rich: Llandudno and Deganwy]


English Countryside

22 hours of travel later: gorgeous rolling green hills, duck ponds, beautiful lakes reflecting back the beauty of the above sky, and lush woodlands in every direction.

Also, I got to wear my English Countryside shirt in the English Countryside (*´∀`*)

[More (and better) photos from Rich]


SF Giants Clinch the NL West Division

My first game this season turned out to be a very exciting one! I’m glad I ended up at last night’s game instead of today’s. Some highlights included the woman in the suite next to us dancing Gangnam Style with her kids, Ghirardelli hot fudge sundaes (in addition to other nommy suite snacks), and celebrating the big win with champagne. Go Giants!